Wondering what good a summer internship can do for you? Do you feel that there are no good internships available? Well, you have come to the right place. Internships are an important part of student life as they provide you with the very first insight into the corporate world. More than that, a good internship can make you figure out the gaps in your skills and knowledge. Don’t believe us? Read on to know more.

Let’s suppose you want to work as a software developer after your graduation, and you aren’t very clear with the job requirements and job description. Some good-hearted friend told you about an internship opportunity and you apply for it. Before you join as an intern, you will brush up on your existing skills and knowledge, as you might wonder what should suffice for the upcoming job. But when you join the internship, you realize that your current skills are not enough.

This realization makes you work harder to fill the skill gap and learn as you get along the internship. The learning you get from the internship will help you scale up your CV and might take you closer to your dream job. Further, most of the organizations that offer internships, have a performance-based Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) policy for select few interns. What does this mean for you, you might wonder?

PPO policy is your shortcut to your first and more importantly, your dream job. With a PPO, you can ensure that your skills are in the right space and can start to build them further with various training and certifications while completing your graduation. More about the training and their importance in the next series. Till then, Unlearn, Relearn, and Intern.

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