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Secure your digital world with our online Cyber security program.

About this Program

Corporations are seeking professionals who can protect their networks and data since cyber attacks are growing more frequent. The world of cyber security is continually changing, with new threats and weaknesses appearing frequently. You may stay current on the newest technologies and best practices by enrolling into our mentorship program, which will make you an invaluable asset to any firm. Last but not least, a lot of cyber security courses provide hands-on experience, enabling you to acquire real-world knowledge and expertise that companies highly value.

Modules of Curriculum

1. Introduction to web application penetration testing
2. Basic of Linux
3. Basic of Java Script
4. Basic of SQL

What you'll learn

Who Can Enroll

Frequently asked questions

Topics covered are cyber security frameworks, risk management, network security, incident response, and emerging technologies.

A cybersecurity mentorship program typically involves regular meetings between the mentor and mentee, during which they discuss cybersecurity topics, set goals and objectives, and review progress. The mentor may also provide guidance and feedback on specific projects or challenges.

You should have a basic understanding of cyber security concepts and some experience in the field. You should also be motivated to learn and develop your skills, and willing to commit to the program.

The length of a cyber security mentorship program can vary between 75 to 90 days.

We will offer you Certificate of Completion that will demonstrate your skills and knowledge in cyber security

Get Certified

Once you successfully complete the entire course, you will get a certificate of completion. This certificate will help you will build your credibility as a Network Engineer or a Security Engineer. 

₹ 12000

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