Pregrad is a Mentor Led E-Learning platform that shares a vision of solving problems with
regards to students’ careers and providing them all the opportunity to be self-sufficient in this era of resilient competition.
At Pregrad we believe in learning and more importantly applying theoretical knowledge to solve industrial-level practical problems. We understand the relevancy of skills in today’s market, therefore, we don’t compromise with our quality of education. Here, we not only
focus on relevant technical skills but also upgrade them to the desired market level. In addition, we provide the overall interpersonal growth of the candidate and make them an all-around player.

What do we value:
● We are a team of differentiated and ambitious individuals, united by a common goal.
● We believe flexibility in roles and freedom to execute ideas are the two foundation values
for aggressive and steady growth.
● We constantly protect, evolve, and better our culture. We are a super energetic and experienced team where we cherish moments and add value to the organization.